Download and installation


All released versions of the software are available for download on the Sourceforge download page of the project. The latest release is 0.4, published October 15, 2012.

To get the latest developer’s version of the toolbox, you can access the Subversion repository, for example via the command:

svn export pybrn

Software requirements

Required software:

Recommended software:

Optional software:

Installation instructions

pybrn is installed via the Python setuptools. For standard installation, simply run the following command in the package’s root directory:

python install

Depending on your system configuration, you may need administrator rights to do the installation.

Testing the installation

In order to test whether everything works, e.g. all required and recommended packages are available, you can run the following test command before installing the package:

python test/

To test the minimal functionality without the need for any of the recommended or optional packages, use the command:

python test/

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